Thursday, March 12, 2009

Inside John Lennon: Free Online Film

A great Beatles fact for those who have not seen the 2003 Inside John Lennon is that it is now available for free online viewing (if you are willing to sit through a sixty second commercial every now and then).

There have been numerous documentaries about John Lennon, many of them hopelessly redundant except to the hardcore Beatles or Lennon fan. Inside John Lennon , however, is an exception. While the film does indeed cover the familiar phases of his life, from his birth in Liverpool to rise to fame with the Beatles to his solo career and days as peace activist with Yoko Ono, the film is compact and approaches Lennon's life with clarity through great interviews and lesser-used film footage.

Both Paul McCartney and George Martin have relevant and informative comments on their former colleague, and there are many interviews with former members of The Quarrymen, who relate what it was like to play music with Lennon during the skiffle craze in Liverpool. There are also comments from the Beatles' first manager, Allan Williams, and John's half-sister, Julia Baird. This is definitely a film worth watching.

Inside John Lennon may be purchased from Amazon or may be viewed online for free at Inside John Lennon

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