Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flaming Pie: The Album

Flaming Pie was a studio album released by Paul McCartney in 1997. He was not under contract to record anything at the time, but he decided after Beatles Anthology to go into the studio and apply the basics of rock and roll, recalling how the Beatles were a "tight rock and roll band." The songs received extremely positive reviews and are considered to be among McCartney's best solo efforts. It was released in the U.S. and the UK in May of 1997.

Interested in basic recording without elaborate production, McCartney worked with Jeff Lynne (formerly of ELO and the Traveling Wilburys), George Martin, Ringo Starr, Steve Miller, his son James McCartney (who plays lead guitar on "Heaven on a Sunday"), and others over a two-year period.

The track list is as follows for the CD:

The Song We Were Singing
The World Tonight
If You Wanna
Young Boy
Calico Skies
Flaming Pie
Heaven on a Sunday
Used to be Bad
Little Willow
Really Love You
Beatiful Night
Great Day

One of the most interesting Beatles facts about Flaming Pie is that "Really Love You" marked the first time that McCartney ever collaborated with Ringo Starr in songwriting. Another interesting fact is that the phrase "Flaming Pie" refers to Lennon's explanation for how he came up with the name for the group, the Beatles. He told a journalist in 1961 that he had a vision of a man standing on a flaming pie, with the man saying that, "You are Beatles with an A."

The songs "Young Boy" and "The World Tonight" appeared in the Ivan Reitman film Father's Day in 1997.

Regarding instrumentation, McCartney did vocals and played bass, keyboards, drums, percussion, and harmonium; Linda McCartney added vocals; George Martin did orchestral arrangements; Steve Miller did guitar and vocals; Roy Carter played oboe; James McCartney played guitar; Chris Davis played sax; Jeff Lynne did vocals, guitar, and keyboards; John Pigneguy, Michael Thompson, and Rich Watkins played French horn; and Kevin Robinson played trumpet. Geogg Emerick was the sound engineer.


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