Monday, January 31, 2011

Savile Row

3 Savile Row is the address of the building which was headquarters for the Beatles' Apple Corps, Ltd. venture, which was supposed to be a multimedia corporation offering access to artists in all mediums, artists frustrated with running the gauntlet to have their work reviewed by major media corporations.

While Apple Records was the main focus of the enterprise, the company also had other divisions: Apple Publishing, Apple Electronics, Apple Boutique, and Apple Retail. Between 1970 and 2007, former Beatle roadie Neil Aspinall acted as CEO. In 2010, Apple launched the hugely successful The Beatles: Rock Band video game.

The recording studio used by the Beatles at Savile Row after they gave up recording Let It Be at Twickenham Studios was located in the basement. Originally designed by Magic Alex Mardas, the equipment was scrapped because Mardas' electronics didn't work, with four-track recorders brought in to replace the unusable studio equipment.

3 Savile Row will also always be remembered as the location where the Beatles gave their famous Rooftop Concert as the ending to the film Let It Be. This performance, on January 30, 1969, was the last live performance given by the Beatles.

Savile Row was created as part of the Burlington Estate in 1695 and was established to house military officers and their families. The actual name for the street came from Lord Burlington's wife, Dorothy Savile. It will best be remembered in modern times, however, as home to the Beatles' Apple Corps, Ltd., as well as the Rooftop Concert.


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