Saturday, January 15, 2011

Polythene Pam

"Polythene Pam," a Lennon composition, was recorded with "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window" as one song. Both songs were part of the montage of songs on side two of Abbey Road. It was recorded on July 25, 1969 at Abbey Road.

There are several interesting Beatles facts for "Polythene Pam." As a stand-alone number, it was originally recorded for the White Album but not included, although this original version may be heard on the Beatles Anthology CD set. Another fascinating fact is that part of the song was based on a real experience. Lennon claimed that while on tour in England in the early days of the Beatles, he met a man who brought him back to his apartment, where Lennon saw a woman dressed only in polythene (although he cites that she did not wear jackboots or kilts).

Lennon played acoustic guitar and lead guitars and sang the lead vocal; McCartney played bass and did harmony vocals (and some citations say he also shared in the lead guitar parts); Harrison played rhythm guitar, and Starr played maracas and drums.

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