Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Morning, Good Morning

"Good Morning, Good Morning" was a Lennon song inspired by a Kellog's cornflake commercial. Lennon claimed the song was a piece of garbage even though it has always been considered a very popular track on the Sgt. Pepper's album.

The song was recorded on February 8, 1967 at Abbey Road Studios, with overdubbing added later in the month.

An interesting Beatles fact is that Lennon had Geoff Emerick add various farmyard animal noises to the track. The idea was to have each animal featured capable of devouring the one that came before it, and Emerick spent quite a bit of time engineering the sounds.

George Martin said that the sound of the chicken at the end of the song matched the guitar at the beginning of the "Sgt. Pepper Reprise" and made for easy editing at the mixing board.

Lennon sings lead and backing vocals; Harrison plays lead guitar and does backing a backing vocal; McCartney played bass and provided a backing vocal (and by some accounts also played lead guitar); Starr played drums; and session musicians played saxophones, trombones, and a French horn.

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