Saturday, January 15, 2011


"Piggies" is a Harrison composition, although Lennon gave George a few lyrics (about clutching knives and forks and eating bacon). It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios on September 19, 1968 and was included on the White Album.

There are many fascinating Beatles facts about this song. George had started the number in 1966, but only finished it two years later with a few suggestions from his mother Louise. Harrison said that the song was indeed a social comment, but one about upper class people and not the police. In his book I, Me, Mine, Harrison also lists a final verse that was never recorded, which goes as follows:

"Everywhere there's lots of piggies/Playing piggy pranks./You can see them on their trotters/At the piggy banks/Playing piggy thanks/To thee pig brother."

Harrison played acoustic guitar and sang lead vocal; Starr played tambourine; McCartney played bass; Lennon found and added various tape loops; Cris Thomas played harpsichord; and session musicians played strings.

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