Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Paperback Writer

The first Beatles fact for "Paperback Writer" is that it was released as a single in the UK on June 10, 1966, and in the U.S. on May 30, 1966.

It is a McCartney composition, although most agree that Lennon helped with a few lyrics. It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios on April 13, 1966, with an overdub added the following day. The song was sung in concert that year, although the Beatles would later say that performing the complex vocal harmonies (recorded in eight-track) did not work well onstage. A live performance of this song was taped at the Beatles concert in Japan at the Budokan.

The song is McCartney's answer to Lennon's "Day Tripper" in that it featured a prominent electric guitar riff at the opening and before each new chorus. It is a high-energy, electric guitar, rock and roll "rocker."

According to sound engineer Geoff Emerick, McCartney played a Rickenbacker bass, the sound of which was boosted by sending it through an amplifier used as a microphone. McCartney's riffs are very distinctive and easy to pick out. For short times, they are even played while no other instrument is being used.

McCartney played the Rick bass and handled the lead vocals, with backing vocals by John and George. George played lead with a Gibson SG, while Lennon played a Gretsch Nashville for rhythm. Starr was on drums.

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