Sunday, January 16, 2011

When I'm Sixty-four

The most interesting Beatles fact about "When I'm Sixty-four" is that McCartney wrote the song when he was fifteen and regarded it as something of a cabaret tune. A new set of lyrics was added many years later in honor of his father's sixty-fourth birthday. McCartney always believed that his talent and future, together with John's, lay in writing show tunes. Lennon is said to have helped to a small degree with a few lyrics, although he said that writing such a tune would never have occurred to him.

The song was recorded on December 6, 1966 at Abbey Road Studios for inclusion on the Sgt. PepperLP.

McCartney plays piano and bass and sings lead and backing vocals; Lennon played lead guitar (his Epiphone Casino) and does a backing vocal; Harrison did a backing vocal; Starr played drums; and session musicians did clarinets, including a bass clarinet.

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