Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beatlemania and "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"

A disputed Beatles fact is where did the Beatles get their proclivity for shouting "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" or "Oooo!" as they shook their long hair after stepping closer to the microphone during live performances.

The "Yeah, yeah, yeah" seems to have originated from the lyrics of "She Loves You." Lennon claimed that the "whooooo!" was a move and sound borrowed from the Isley Brothers, and it's hard to dispute the claim of one of the Beatles. On the other hand, Little Richard (Richard Penniman) has been quoted as saying that the Beatles, who met him in their Hamburg days, got the sound from his own songs. It seems that the two sources may not be mutually exclusive, for the "whoooo" was a trademark for Little Richard, who the Beatles admired greatly.

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