Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dhani Harrison's Band: thenewno2

A Beatle fact that has slipped through the cracks is that thenewno2 is Dhani Harrison's band, which has put out singles, an album, and an EP since 2006. Dhani Harrison plays guitar, synthesizer, ukelele, bass, and does vocals. Oliver Hecks plays drums, synth, and percussion. Amanda Butterworth occasionally does vocals. The name of the band derives from British TV's 1960s hit The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan, who played a political prisoner on an island on which all the detainees (James "Bond-like" agents) had numbers. One episode dealt with who was "the new number two."

Singles for the band released in 2008 were "Another John Doe" and "Choose What You're Watching." Their 2008 album is You Are Here. A 2006 EP was titled EP001.

The track list for You Are Here is as follows:

So Vain
Another John Doe
Back to You
Give You Love
Hiding Out
Crazy Tuesday
Idle Lover
Wind Up Dead

The above music is available on iTunes. The website for the band is thenewno2. To see sites for other members of the Beatles' inner circle, go to Beatles Connections: Official Websites for the Beatles' Inner Circle

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