Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Beatles Visit Elvis

The Beatles visited Elvis on August 27, 1965 at the King's Bel Air mansion. The Beatles were very excited to meet one of their seminal rock and roll influences, although it is reported in some biographies that Elvis wasn't that enthused to meet the Beatles, who he would later try to ban from the United States.

A little-disputed Beatles fact is that Elvis was playing a Fender bass and watching television when the group arrived. Accounts vary from there. In The Beatles Anthology, there are different recollections as to whether or not the Beatles had an informal jam session with Elvis. It is probable that Lennon did, although Harrison and Starr do not recall taking part.

Presely later spoke with President Richard Nixon, urging that the Beatles be barred from entering the United States because of their anti-war positions and their drug use. (Nixon would later try to have Lennon deported in the 1970s, viewing him as a threat to his 1972 re-election.) It is a sad commentary on Elvis, who was addicted to numerous prescription drugs near the end of his life. Most historians regard it as fact that more than anything else, Elvis was jealous of the Beatles, who had eclipsed his fame.

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