Monday, January 26, 2009

Lady Madonna

McCartney's "Lady Madonna" was recorded at Abbey Road on February 3, 1968 and released as a single on March 15, 1968 and March 18, 1968 in the UK and U.S. respectively. The interesting Beatles fact about this track is that this was the last single to be released on Parlophone or Capital. From this point on, the Beatles music was released on the Apple label. McCartney admitted candidly that the song is reminiscent of a song called "Bad Penny Blues." Starr said the song reminded him of Elvis.

Assistant recording engineer Geoff Emerick stated that a cheaper microphone was used to get the piano sound "right" for the track. Backing vocalists cupped their hands around their mouths to get the sound of an old-style recording.

The Beatles recorded "Hey Bulldog" while a film crew was setting up at Abbey Road Studios for a promotional video for "Lady Madonna."

McCartney plays Rickenbacker bass, piano, and lead vocal; Lennon does backing vocal; Harrison plays lead guitar and does backing vocal; Starr plays drums; the saxophone chorus was handled by sax musicians Ronnie Scott, Harry Klein, Bill Povey, and Bill Jackman.

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