Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beatles History: Paul McCartney Starts to Record His First Solo Album

Paul McCartney started to record his first solo album, McCartney, on January 22, 1970. The album was recorded at McCartney's home in London and, using the psuedonym "Billy Martin," at Abbey Road Studios. McCartney played all instruments himself (bass, drums, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, organ, mellotron, and xylophone)and performed all vocals, with backing vocals from his wife Linda.

The album was scheduled for release on April 17, 1970, but the other Beatles thought that its release would interfere with the release of the group's Let It Be LP. Even though the other three Beatles were going their own ways professionally and privately, they asked Ringo to act as ambassador and speak to Paul about delaying the release of McCartney. McCartney adamantly refused and the album was indeed released on April 17, 1970. To emphasize his independence (and perhaps because he was very dissatisfied with Phil Spector's production and mastering of the Let It Be tapes), McCartney publicly annnounced on April 10, 1970 that he was no longer a member of the Beatles.

The songs included:

The Lovely Linda
That Would Be Something
Valentine Day
Every Night
Hot As Sun/Glasses
Man We Was Lonely
Oo You
Momma Miss America
Teddy Boy
Singalong Junk
Maybe I'm Amazed

"Teddy Boy" was written in India in 1968 and was originally considered for the Let It Be Album, although it was ultimately rejected for that LP. A version of the song can therefore be heard on Anthology, with John speaking in the background as McCartney sings.

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