Monday, January 26, 2009

Got to Get You Into My Life

"Got to Get You Into My Life," issued on Revolver, is almost exclusively a McCartney composition, although Harrison and Lennon may have contributed a few lyrics. It was recorded April 7 and 8, 1966 at Abbey Road. The interesting Beatles fact here is that this was the first time brass was used on one of the band's songs--"soul trumpets," as McCartney called them. Many, including Lennon, feel that the song has a Motown feel to it. Lennon thought it was one of McCartney's best compositions. McCartney performed the song with Wings in 1979.

McCartney plays bass and sings lead vocal, double-tracked; Harrison plays lead guitar; Lennon plays tambourine; Starr plays drums; George Martin plays organ; Eddy Thornton, Ian Hamer, and Les Conlon play trumpet; Alan Branscome and Peter Coe play tenor sax.

An alternate version, somewhat slower and featuring a fadeout with McCartney talking against the background of an acoustic guitar, can be heard on Anthology. This version does not include the brass section, but the organ is more prominent.

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