Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Looking Through You

The interesting Beatles fact for "I'm Looking Through You," a McCartney composition, is that Paul wrote this about his relationship with Jane Asher. The two were engaged at one point, but Asher allegedly found McCartney in bed with another woman and has declined to speak of her former relationship for all these years. The song was recorded on October 24, 1965, and November 6 and 10, 1965 at Abbey Road. Anthology contains a slower version with maracas and acoustic guitars featured prominently. On Capital version of Rubber Soul, the intro for this song contains two false starts on the opening (with an acoutic guitar). On the slow version, Starr plays a Hammond organ.

McCartney plays bass and sings lead vocal. Lennon plays acoustic guitar and sings harmony vocal. Harrison plays lead (some say Harrison plays the acosutic as well). Starr plays drums.

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