Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ringo's Drumming

A really interesting Beatles fact is that Ringo was known for his "funny fills" since he was a left-handed drummer using a right-handed drum kit. He has always admitted that he is not a good drummer in the technical sense. Indeed, he was the first Beatle to leave the group, which occured in 1968 during The White Album sessions. He felt he wasn't drumming well, and the group had to coax him back into the studio. Lennon sent Ringo a telegram saying that he was the best drummer in the world, and Harrison had the studio decked out with flowers.

All this having been said, Lennon is once responded to the question "Is RIngo the best drummer in rock and roll?" by saying "He's not even the best drummer in the Beatles." By 1968, McCartney (a more-then-competent drummer) would frequently go back to the studio in the evenings (even before Starr quit) to dub in the drum parts. Everyone close to the Beatles was aware of this, but it remained unspoken.

Neverthless, George Martin has always complimented Ringo's playing, saying that he never failed to provide what a song needed. Harrison and Lennon are also on record as saying that even though Ringo has a different style and doesn't always use proper technique, he's a "great" or "damn good" drummer" who provided the necessary backbeat. McCartney has said in the past that Ringo is an excellent drummer, but that he received very strict guidance on almost every track recorded by the Beatles.

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