Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drive My Car

"Drive My Car" was a Lennon-McCartney collaboration, with Lennon contributing about one third of the lyrics. The really interesting Beatles fact for this song is that the original line was "You can give me golden rings" instead of "You can drive my car." Neither Lennon nor McCartney liked the original line, which was changed in the studio.

There were small difference between John and Paul's vocals on the last verse, but George Martin did not think the minor mistake worth the trouble of recording the song again.

McCartney played the lead guitar lick on bass, after which Harrison laid down the same line on lead guitar over the bass. Harrison felt that the lead riff had an Otis Redding feel to it.

McCartney played bass, piano, and sang lead; Lennon played tambourine and also sang backing vocal; Harrison played lead guitar and sang backing vocal; Starr played drums.

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