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1964 was the first year that Beatlemania was a worldwide phenomenon. The group had appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, toured America and the world, and filmed A Hard Day's Night. Only two months after the soundtrack for their first movie had been released, the band started work on Beatles For Sale. Tired and without a resevoir of original songs, much of the album consisted of covers. The LP was recorded from August 11, 1966 to October 26, 1966.

George Martin has commented repeatedly that he was not overly impressed with the group's offerings for this album, although fans have consistently found the tracks to be some of their favorites. The covers feature classics such as "Kansas City" by Leiber/Stoller and "Words of Love" by Buddy Holly. "Honey Don't" by Carl Perkins was sung by Ringo, although Lennon had originally sung the cover. His version can be heard on The Beatles: Live at the BBC.

The album was released on December 4, 1964, and replaced A Hard Day's Night as number one on British charts after only five days. Beatles For Sale is the rough equivalent of Capital's Beatles '65, which contained eight songs from the Parlophone release, a song from A Hard Day's Night ("I'll Be Back"), and the hit singles "I Fell Fine" and "She's a Woman."

Tracks include:
No Reply
I'm a Loser
Baby's in Black
Rock and Roll Music
I'll Follow the Sun
Mr. Moonlight
Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey
Eight Days a Week
Words of Love
Honey Don't
Every Little Thing
I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
What You're Doing
Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby

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