Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beatles Timelines

The following links will give you several opportunities to explore Beatles' history. Some are general and useful for quick reference, while others render extreme detail and go back as far as 1926 in order to provide birthdates and important information for the Beatles families and those related to their history.

It should be noted that the timelines do not always agree on precise dates or on the actual events listed, just as there is much disagreement in Beatles biographies over times and events in Beatles history. Timelines and biographies are drawn form very many sources, including individuals, magazines, and newspapers, many of which recollect or record events differently. When dealing with such rich and diverse materials for four of the greatest musicians in the world, this is not suprising. Remember--the Beatles themselves did not (and do not) always agree on how events played out. They're human like everyone else. Occasionally, for example, Lennon and McCartney disagreed as to how much input each had for any given song. Another example is their differing recollections on meeting the Queen to receive their MBE. As to the break-up of the group, this area is naturally replete with different versions of how and when things happened.

All this having been said, the timelines generally agree on the most important phases of Beatles history.

Ottawa Beatles Site Timeline
George Harrison Timeline
John Lennon Timeline
Beatles/Lennon Timeline
Paul McCartney Timeline
The Beatles Timeline

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