Monday, January 12, 2009

Beatles Trivia Quiz

The following is used by permission.

Questions: (Scroll down for the list of answers.)

1) What was the name of Lennon’s father?
2) What was the first name of Lennon’s mother?
3) Who raised Lennon for most of his childhood?
4) When was Lennon born?
5) What was Cynthia Lennon’s maiden name?
6) What record label gave the Beatles their first audition and rejected them?
7) How many times did the Beatles play for a live audience for The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964?
8) Where else did the Beatles perform on their first American tour?
9) What was Lennon’s favorite pseudonym?
10) Who was John infatuated with right before he started dating Cynthia?
11) When the Beatles were in New Orleans, who impressed them with his large diamond watch?
12) What were the names of the Beatles' roadies?
13) What New York City DJ courted the Beatles during their first American visit?
14) Where did the Beatles play their last concert?
15) What album by an American group inspired Paul to suggest Sgt. Pepper’s as an album?
16) Which assistant EMI producer helped George Martin with the recording of several Beatle albums, improvising to create unusual sounds?
17) Where did Paul first hear Lennon play?
18) What was the style of music very popular among young people in England when John formed his first group, involving acoustic guitars and washtub basses?
19) What was the name of the group Ringo played with before he joined the Beatles?
20) What was the name of John’s friend who made electronic gadgets and attempted to make a 72-track recording studio?
21) Where did the Beatles record the first part of the Let It Be album before moving to a different studio?
22) Where was the headquarters for Apple and the scene of the rooftop concert?
23) What were the other names of the group before the name “Beatles” was settled on?
24) What did Lennon claim he’d seen from the balcony of his apartment on the Upper East Side of NYC?
25) What is the nickname of the eighteenth-month period during which John was separated from Yoko and lived in Los Angeles?
26) What was the nickname given to the group Lennon hung out with in Los Angeles?
27) Who were some of the people in the group in # 26 above?
28) Who was Lennon’s girlfriend during the separation?
29) Whose act did Lennon heckle while in Los Angeles?
30) What was the real name of The White Album?
31) Where did Yoko Ono hold her art exhibit called Exhibition # 2?
32) What word did Lennon see on the ceiling of the exhibition in # 31?
33) What was the name of the club where the Beatles played when they returned to Hamburg in 1962?
34) Who was the German photographer and friend of the Beatles who became engaged to original band member Stu Sutcliffe?
35) Which Lennon song was inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead?
36) What was George Harrison’s favorite scene in Magical Mystery Tour?
37) What was the Beatles’ first number one hit the Beatles had in Great Britain?
38) What was the Beatles’ first number one hit in America?
39) In his later years, which song did Lennon wish to re-record the most?
40) During what ABC TV show was Lennon’s assassination announced and by whom was the announcement made?
41) What was the original name of the minister in "Eleanor Rigby"?
42) What was the name of George’s music publishing company?
43) What kind of therapy did John undertake with psychologist Arthur Janov?
44) Who succeeded Brian Epstein as manager of the Beatles?
45) What nickname did the Beatles give Peter, Paul & Mary?
46) Wilfred Brambell, the actor who played Paul’s grandfather in A Hard Day’s Night, had acted with what comedy group in England admired by the Beatles?
47) What is the name of the brief sound effects heard on the original Sgt. Pepper’s album if one did not lift the tone arm from the vinyl?
48) What real person inspired the song “Sexy Sadie”?
49) Who is “Dear Prudence” about?
50) Which Beatle played the piano on “Not a Second Time”?


1) Arthur “Freddie” Lennon
2) Julia
3) Aunt Mimi
4) October 9, 1940
5) Powell
6) Decca
7) There were seven dress rehearsals. Two had live audiences but were not taped. On February 9, the Beatles taped three songs before an audience at 4:30 pm for their third appearance, to be aired on February 23. On that same day, they performed live at 8:00 pm for their historic first American viewing. On February 16, they did a dress rehearsal before a live audience at 2:30 pm in Miami at the Deauville Hotel. They performed live the same day at 8:00 pm for their second appearance on Sullivan, who had taken his show to Florida that week. They did not appear live on Sullivan three weeks in a row.
8) The Coliseum in Washington, D.C. and Carnegie Hall
9) Winston O’Boogie (followed by Reverend Fred Gherkin).
10) Thelma Pickles
11) Fats Domino
12) Neil Aspinall and Mal Evans
13) Murray the K
14) Candlestick Park in San Francisco
15) Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys
16) Geoff Emerick, author of Here, There, and Everywhere was most instrumental in assisting Martin.
17) The Woolton Garden Fete (a church fair) in Liverpool
18) Skiffle
19) Rory Storm and the Hurricanes
20) “Magic” Alex Mardas
21) Twickenham
22) Saville Row
23) Quarrymen, Johnny and the Moondogs, Silver Beetles
24) A UFO
25) The Lost Weekend
26) The Hollywood Vampires
27) Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon, Ringo Starr (occasionally Mick Jagger and others)
28) May Pang, at Yoko’s request
29) The Smothers Brothers
30) The Beatles
31) Indica Gallery
32) “yes”
33) The Star-Club
34) Astrid Kirchherr
35) “Tomorrow Never Knows”
36) John shoveling spaghetti to a fat woman, a dream Lennon had had the night before filming.
37) “Please Please Me”
38) “I Want to Hold Your Hand”
39) “I Want to Hold Your Hand”
40) Howard Cosell on Monday Night Football.
41) Father McCartney
42) Harrisongs
43) Primal Scream
44) Allen Klein, who took over when the Beatles rejected any member of Linda’s family (the Eastmans) managing the group.
45) Pizza, Pooh, and Magpie
46) The Goons
47) “The Inner Groove”
48) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who Lennon believed to be a fake after his trip to India
49) Mia Farrow’s sister, Prudence Farrow. Both women were in India with the Beatles.
50) Trick question. The piano was played by George Martin.

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