Friday, January 9, 2009

Books by John Lennon and George Harrison

The following are four books by two of the beatles, John and George. Lennon's are predictably full of humor, line drawings, and more than a little irreverance. Skywriting by Word of Mouth, while a bit raw in language in certain places, is a book in which Lennon is very honest about his ubringing, vulnerabilities, and feelings about Yoko and leaving the Beatles. It is endorsed by the prestigious School Library Journal.

Harrison's book, titled after his song from Let It Be, is part biography, part Harrison trivia. The book is rounded out by photographs and facsmilis of handwritten song lyrics. It's loosely organized but of interest to Beatles fans.


A Spaniard in the Works

In His Own Write

Skywriting by Word of Mouth


I, Me, Mine

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