Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beatles News

The Beatles were a dynamic band, and anniversaries of various events in the lives and careers of the Beatles, solo and as a band, continue to make news on TV, radio, in newspapers, and on the Internet.  From television appearances, interviews, and concert tours, the Beatles are still making news.

The Beatles are considered to be the greatest rock band of all time by fans, professional musicians, and celebrities.  The work of the Beatles has influenced most major recording artists since the 1960s, as well as overall trends in music since they appeared as a driving force in rock and roll in 1963. Their music and legacy have also influenced society and popular culture for several decades and will probably continue to do so.  Indeed, it is hard to find a television documentary about the 1960s that does not place the Beatles at the heart of the dynamic changes of that decade.  For these reasons, news surrounding the Beatles has been, and will continue to be, relevant to the billions of people to whom the Beatles meant so much.

The following sites are two of the best for gathering late-breaking news about the Beatles or individual band members. More will be added as sites are reviewed. also offers regular Beatles news as it becomes available, and links to news articles may be accessed below the first two links.

Beatles News
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January 2, 2009: Apple Corps vs. Apple Computers
January 3, 2009: Olympic Studios to Close in London
January 4, 2009: Michael Jackson Leaves Lennon-McCartney Song Catalog to Macca in His Will
January 14, 2009: McCartney to Appear on The View and Howard Stern on January 14, 2009
January 14, 2009: Cheap Trick to Perform Sgt. Pepper's at Las Vegas Hilton
January 15, 2009: McCartney's Appearances on The View and Howard Stern
January 18, 2009: McCartney into Hope and Obama
January 20, 2009: Forthcoming Movie on Lennon Based on Book by his Half-sister
January 20, 2009: Celebration of the Beatles in Cleveland
January 21, 2009: Things Are "Getting Better" on Inauguration Day
January 22, 2009: BREAKFAST WITH THE BEATLES Now on Facebook
January 22, 2009: Ringo Announces Photo Contest Winner
January 22, 2009: McCartney to Perform at Benefit Concert on April 4, 2009
January 24, 2009: Dhani Harrison to Perform in Los Angeles
January 24, 2009: McCartney to Appear on Cat Stevens New CD
January 26, 2009: McCartney and Nancy Shevell: Thumbs Up on Marriage
January 26, 2009: McCartney to Perform at Grammy Awards
January 26, 2009: A Tribute to George Harrison by Cat Stevens and Klaus Voorman
January 26, 2009: Rooftop Tribute Concert Cancelled
January 27, 2009: James McCartney Planning to Record Album
January 28, 2009: McCartney to Appear on Colbert Report
January 29, 2009: Sean and Julian Lennon to Perform Together
January 30, 2009: Julian Lennon Denies Performance Rumor
January 31, 2009: No 2009 Tour For McCartney
February 2, 2009: Stella McCartney Designing for Charity
February 2, 2009: 3 Saville Row to Be Sold
February 5, 2009: YOU ARE HERE Realesed as a CD
February 6, 2009: Paul McCartney Fireman Radio Channel
February 7, 2009: Breakfast with the Beatles to Celebrate Beatles on Ed Sullivan
February 7, 2009: McCartney and Starr Nominated for Grammys
February 7, 2009: Lennon Historical Fiction Trilogy
February 10, 2009: Paris Hilton Askes Paul McCartney for a Duet
February 11, 2009: Hotel Room Becomes a Shrine
February 14, 2009: McCartney to Headline Hard Rock in Vegas
July 10, 2014: Paul McCartney's Out There Tour, 2013-2014

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