Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dr. Robert

"Dr. Robert" was mostly a Lennon composition, with help from McCartney for the middle. It was recorded on April 17, 1966, with overdubs added on April 19, 1966. Lennon double-tracked the lead vocal, with McCartney adding harmony vocals. Lennon played harmonium and maracas; McCartney played bass; Harrison played lead guitar, Starr played drums.

The song is about a prominent New York doctor who supplied acid and speed to rock stars and the entourage of Andy Warhol. In his Playboy interview, Lennon said that, in another sense, he himself was also Dr. Robert since he was usually the Beatle who carried and dispensed pills while on tour. Pete Shotton also commented that Lennon was amused at everyone singing along without knowing the song's real meaning.

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