Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Beatles Buy a Greek Island

One of the Beatles facts that is not necessarily common knowledge is that as early as 1964, the Beatles were interested in purchasing a Greek island. They attempted to buy an island near Greece--Trinity Island--but the owners of the land were not interested in selling. The Beatles remained interested in buying an island where they would all live (possibly as a retreat from the "mania"), and in 1967, Lennon brought up the matter to his band mates after being told by friend Alex Mardas, Greek by birth 9and whose parents resided in Greece), that he could help the group make the necessary governmental connections to make the purchase a reality.

Several of the Beatles and their inner circle journeyed to Greece: George, Patti, Ringo, John, Cynthia, Julian, Paul, Jane Asher, and Mal Evans. While enjoying the atmosphere of the Greek islands, the Beatles, according to some, did little else but take LSD, although they did find a property that interested them, the island of Leslo. The island was bought for 90,000 English pounds.

Busy with other projects, the Beatles soon lost interest and sold the island within a matter of months. Later, the group would briefly consider doing the finale concert for Let It Be on a Greek Island.

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