Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey Bulldog

Among Beatles facts, "Hey Bulldog" doesn't get much attention because it was issued on the Yellow Submarine LP, which was not considered one of the group's strongest or most successful commercial ventures. The song is nevertheless regarded as the one solid "rocker" on the Yellow Submarine album.

Lennon brought some lyrics to the studio on a day when the group was finishing a promotional film for "Lady Madonna." "Hey Bulldog" was hastily finished and recorded in less than a single day.

The original title was "Hey Bullfrog," a phrase mentioned in the song, although the word "bullfrog" is never sung. McCartney barked at the end of the song, and Lennon and McCartney agreed to the title change. Lennon liked the song and his piano playing provides a dominant part on the track.

Lennon sang lead and played lead guitar and piano. McCartney played bass and sang backing vocal. Harrison played rhythm, although some attribute lead to him as well. Starr played drums.

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