Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beatles Song: Mother Nature's Son

This McCartney song is related to numerous Beatles facts. It was recorded at Abbey Road on August 9, 1968 and issued on The White Album. The song shows the fragmentation occurring within the Beatles since McCartney, George Martin, and session musicians worked on this without the other Beatles present, a growing trend in 1968.

Other great facts are that the bongos and timpani were put in the hall to make them sound distant. When John and Ringo entered the studio, the session became filled with a great deal of tension until the two Beatles left. The song was inspired by a lecture about nature by the Maharishi while the Beatles were in India. Lennon later said that his "Jealous Guy" was inspired by the same lecture.

McCartney sings and plays acoustic guitar, bongos, and timpani. Session musicians play brass, scored by George Martin. The brass is most prominent at the end of the song.

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