Monday, February 16, 2009

Beatles Song: Getting Better

This Beatles song from Sgt. Pepper's is primarily a McCartney song (he still performs it in concerts), but John contributed about a third of the lyrics. An interesting fact is that the inserted background of "It can't get much worse," for example, was a Lennon contribution. Lennon admitted that he was physically abusive with women and hence the lines also alluding to being cruel. McCartney says the title occurred to him after thinking back to what Jimmy Nicholls (replacement drummer for Ringo when he was sick) used to say: "It's getting better."

The unusual string sound in the song is George Martin hitting piano strings instead of the keys.

McCartney sang lead, and McCartney and Lennon sang backing vocals. McCartney played bass, Starr drums, and George Martin piano. Some sources say that Harrison played lead guitar, others Lennon. It's possible that both played different riffs.

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