Monday, February 16, 2009

Beatles Song: She Loves You

This is an early Beatles hit that has many interesting facts associated with it. It is an equal collaboration between Lennon and McCartney, and the song was allegedly written in a hotel room in England after a performance on June 26, 1963. It was Harrison's idea for the song to end on a major 6th chord even though George Martin was against it.

A German version was recorded--"Sie Liebt Dich"--as was "I Want to Hold Your Hand." The versions were released on Capitol's Something New. The song was a regular in the Beatles' set list for 1963 and 1964 and was performed on Sullivan and many other shows as well (in England).

"She Loves You," like "Please Please Me," was not released by Capitol in the United States. After "I Want to Hold Your Hand" became a hit in mid-January of 1964, however, Capitol relented and the Beatles had hit after hit charting in the top five slots on Billboard.

The song was recorded at Abbey Road on July 1, 1963. Lennon and McCartney share lead vocals. Harrison plays lead, Lennon rhythm, McCartney bass, and Starr drums.

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