Thursday, February 5, 2009

May Pang

May Pang was born October 24, 1950. John Lennon's lover while the Beatle was separated from Yoko Ono, Pang grew up in Spanish Harlem and later attended New York City Community College. In 1970, she began work at the office of Allen Klein, who represented Apple Records. She worked with Lennon and Ono on avant-garde projects and eventaully became their personal assistant.

During Lennon's marital separation, Ono suggested that Pang become Lennon's "companion" so that she (Ono) could keep an eye on John. Her voice is the one whispering John's name in "#9 Dream." While Lennon reconciled with Ono after eighteen months, he told several people in the years afterwards that he had genuinely loved Pang and that, despite all the alchol and drugs during his stay with Pang in Los Angeles, it was a very happy time for him.

Pang published Loving John in 1983. She married producer Tony Visconti in 1989 and bore two children. She was divorced in 2000 in now lives in upstate New York.

Her website, Instamatic Karma, may be found in the sidebar of this website. She also delivers latest Beatles' news updates on KLOS' Breakfast with the Beatles Show with host Chris Carter.

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