Sunday, February 1, 2009

HELP: the album

The Parlophone LP Help is a combination of songs recorded specifically for the film, as well as other songs written or recorded two to three months later. The album is considered transitionl inasmuch as Help, together with Beatles for Sale, shows a more introspective side of the Beatles and their work. "I'm a Loser," "Yesterday," and "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" are examples from this period. "Ticket to Ride" is the exception, a song that Lennon claimed many years later was the "first heavy metal song."

As usual, the Beatles hated the U.S. repackaging of their work, and the Beatles were especially annoyed by the inclusion of parts of Ken Thorne's film score on the U.S. version. After their experience with the United Artists soundtrack for A Hard Day's Night, the Beatles had made a conscious decision to keep any part of the score from their British album.

The album was released in the UK on August 6, 1965, and on August 13, 1965 in the U.S. The latter included only seven songs from the film. Other songs from the Parlophone release combined with Parlophone's Rubber Soul songs to comprise Capitol's Yesterday and Today and Beatles VI. "I've Just Seen a Face" was postpone by Capitol for their own version of Rubber Soul.

Tracks included:

The Night Before
You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
I Need You
Another Girl
You're Gonna Lose That Girl
Ticket To Ride
Act Naturally
It's Only Love
You Like Me Too Much
Tell Me What You See
I've Just Seen a Face
Dizzie Miss Lizzie

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