Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Glass Onion

"Glass Onion" is a Lennon composition from The White Album. It has several interesting Beatles facts. In the lyrics, Lennon alludes to other previous Beatles songs: "I Am the Walrus," "Lady Madonna," "The Fool on the Hill," and "Fixing a Hole." He said he was just "having some fun" since so much was being written about Sgt. Pepper's and secret messages being hidden in Beatles songs. That having been said, Lennon also admitted to throwing in the line "The walrus was Paul" in order to "confuse everybody a bit more."

The song was recorded on September 11, 1968 at Abbey Road, with overdubs added later.

Lennon sings the double-tracked vocal. Harrison plays lead; McCartney plays bass, piano, and flue; Starr plays drums and tambourine. Session musicians played various orchestral instruments.

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