Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beatles Song: Michelle

This classic song is related to numerous Beatles facts. McCartney's "Michelle" was recorded on November 3, 1965 at Abbey Road for Rubber Soul. Lennon is credited with a few lyrics and a bar or two of melody (the middle eight). In concert, McCartney often relates that he and Lennon were at a party when Lennon said words to the effect that Paul should sing "the old French song" for a joke.

Ironically, Bob Dylan, who liked the Beatles (his album BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME was allegedly a phrase alluding to the Beatles), thought that "Michelle" and "Yesterday" were "cop-outs" and that there were much better tunes lying around the Library of Congress.

Composer Irving Berlin admired the tune, as did rhythm and blues singer and producer Allen Toussaint.

McCartney sings lead, with Harrison and Lennon doing backing vocals. McCartney plays bass, Harrison and Lennon play acoustic guitar, and Starr plays drums.

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