Monday, February 16, 2009

Beatles Song: She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

This Beatles track from Abbey Road was part of the many bits of songs that made up Side B. There are conflicting facts about its composition. It was written in the spring of 1968. Some have claimed that it refers to someone breaking into McCartney's home, but Lennon believed the song to have been written when he and Paul were in New York to announce the beginning of Apple Corps. Most believe that the "she" is a vague reference to Linda, who Paul met during this time period. The song was recorded as a single track with "Polythene Pam." It was performed as early as the Let It Be sessions. It was recorded on January 22, 1969 for Abbey Road.

Harrison thought it was a strong McCartney tune, and Joe Cocker later covered it.

McCartney sings lead and plays lead guitar. Harrison plays bass. Starr plays drums. Lennon plays acoustic guitar and provides backing vocal.

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