Tuesday, February 3, 2009

John Lennon's Birth

The Beatles facts surrounding John Lennon's's birth were ominous, to say the least. John Lennon was born during a German blitzkrieg on October 9, 1940. His mother, Julia Lennon, had been in labor for over a day, and the doctors were considering performing a caesarian section when John was finally born. Julia's sister Mimi rushed to the hospital to see the blond-haired, seven-and-a-half pound baby. She wanted to remain and dote upon her nephew, but the air raids were still in progress, and John was put under his mother's bed for protection in case the hospital should suffer any damage. Mimi was told to either go home or retreat to the hospital's cellar. She reportedly ran home, excited that not even Hitler had prevented the addition to her family. Lennon's father was Alfred "Freddie" Lennon, a merchant seaman called Alf or Freddie.

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