Friday, February 13, 2009

Beatles Song: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

This Harrison songs, written and performed during The White Album sessions, relates to several facts, some widely known, some not. George wrote the song while visiting his parents' home. He'd been reading the I Ching and was focusing on the idea of synchronicity. When he opened the first book he came to, he saw the words "gently weeps."

An acoustic version with slightly different lyrics (and which is included on Anthology) was recorded on July 25, 1968. Harrison had worked on the song with John, Paul, and Ringo, but he did not think they were very enthusiastic about it. He therefore asked Eric Clapton to play lead on the version that was put on the LP. In Anthology, George explains how whenever another musician was brought in during this turbulent period, the other band members behaved themselves. A future example would be Billy Preston

The song was performed at The Concert for Bangladesh.

Harrison sang lead, with Lennon and McCartney doing backing vocals. Harrison and Lennon played acoustic guitars, Clapton played lead, McCartney bass and piano, and Starr drums and tambourine.

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