Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beatles Songs: Magical Mystery Tour

This Beatles song's most interesting fact is that it grew organically. McCartney had the idea for it almost immediately after Sgt. Pepper's was finished. During the recording session on April 25, 1967 (overdubs were added later), McCartney had only a few lyrics and a couple of bars of melody. He was far more clear on what the opening should be, with horns introducing the song with a flourish. As more of the melody emerged, the Beatles laid down a backing instrumental track while Mal Evans took notes on ideas from various band members. Lennon played acoustic guitar for this track, Harrison played lead, and Starr drums. After a break at the studio, McCartney added bass to the track. Trumpets would later be added in subsequent days, and the lyrics would be finished (almost entirely McCartney's) during the overdubs. The Magical Mystery Tour film began production about five months later as the idea for the movie evolved.

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