Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Contuining Story of Bungalow Bill

While this song has never been regarded as one of Lennon's best compositions, several interesting Beatles facts attach themselves to it. John wrote the song in India about a man at Maharishi's retreat. To paraphrase Lennon, the song is about a man who went off to shoot some tigers and then returned to the meditation seminars to commune with God. In his mind, Lennon combined this real character with a fictional TV character from the 1950s called Jungle Jim. The song was recorded on October 9, 1968 at Abbey Road and was included on The White Album.

Lennon did the lead vocal, and the other three Beatles contributed backing vocals. Lennon and Harrison played acoustic guitars, McCartney bass, Starr drums and tambourine. Chris Thomas (a studio assistant) played mellotron, and Yoko Ono and Maureen Starkey provided harmony vocals.

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