Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Beatles History at a Glance

The Beatles facts below represent the day-by-day history about the group, their families, and ongoing developments in their music from the past month of Beatles history on BeatlesFacts.org. Click the links below to catch up on the latest Beatles facts. Additonally, if you want to review recent Beatles news, general articles on the Beatles and their inner circle, or look up recording information and the history behind a given song or album, click the sitemap below. There are also many other interesting and informative pieces of information on this site, so come in and browse our in-depth archives which are growing every day to learn about the greatest band in rock and roll history.

December 31, 1970: December 31, 1970: McCartney Sues to Dissolve the Beatles
January 1, 1962: January 1, 1962: The Beatles' Decca Audition
January, 1964: Controversial Release of INTRODUCING THE BEATLES (Vee-Jay Records) in 1964
January 3, 1970: January 3-4, 1970: "I, Me, Mine" is the Swan Song
January 3, 1964: January 3, 1964: "She Loves You" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
January 13, 1964 and 1969: January 13, 1964 and 1969: "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and Yellow Submarine LP Released Respectively
January 15: 1964: January 15, 1964: The Beatles Play France
January 15: 1970: January 15, 1970: Lennon's Lithographs on Display
January 18, 1969: January 18, 1969: Lennon Warns that Apple in Financial Chaos
January 20, 1970: John and Yoko Cut Off Their Hair
January 21, 1966: George Harrison Marries Patti Boyd
January 22, 1970: Paul McCartney Starts to Record his First Solo Album
January 24, 1962: The Beatles Sign with Brian Epstein
January 27, 1964: MGM Releases "My Bonnie"
January 27, 1970: The Making of "Instant Karma"
January 29, 1979: The Magic Christian Premiers
January 30, 1971: All Things Must Pass and My Sweet Lord Hit # 1 in UK
January 30, 1971: "Please Please Me" Released by Vee-Jay in the U.S.
January 30, 1969: 40th Anniversary of Rooftop Concert
February 1, 1964: "I Want to Hold Your Hand Reaches Number One"
February 4, 2008: NASA Sends "Across the Universe" into Space
February 5, 1967: "Penny Lane" Video Promo Shot
February 6, 1958: George Harrison Joins the Quarrymen"
February 7, 1964: BEatles Arrive in the United States on February 7, 1964
February 8, 1963: The Beatles Tour with Helen Shapiro
February 9, 2009: The Beatles Debut on Ed Sullivan

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