Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beatles Song: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

There are some key Beatles facts associated with this Lennon composition featured on both the U.S. and UK LPs of Help. The song was clearly influenced by the style of Bob Dylan, and Lennon always freely admitted that the intonation and delivery were a direct attempt at using Dylan's style. By the same token, he said that he was willing to try whatever was going on at the time, and it is in the experimentation with different styles of other artists that the Beatles would synthesize a wholly new and distinctive style of their own.

This was the first time an outside musician was brought in to play on a Beatles track, in this case a flute that ends the song. It is said that former Quarrymen Pete Shotton gave Lennon the idea to shout "Hey!" before each chorus.

Further facts are as follows: The track was recorded on February 18, 1965 at Abbey Road. Lennon sings the vocal, and McCartney, Lennon, and Harrison all play acoustic guitars. Starr plays tambourine. On all versions of the track, including the somewhat different and slower version on Anthology, there is static on the track that has never been removed via re-mastering.

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