Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beatles Song: Here Comes the Sun

One of many Beatles facts that escapes fans is that Harrison's upbeat "Here Comes the Sun" was written as an antidote to the long dreary winter he was enduring after Apple Corps was formed and the Beatles were floundering in their new business projects--and constantly fighting among themselves. Harrison, who said that he was always amazed at how much could be done with simple variations on the D chord, was tired of dealing with accountants and business deals at Apple, so one day he dodged his corporate obligations and went to Eric Clapton's house, where he wandered through the gardens with one of Clapton's acoustic guitars. A few hours later, the basic song was written.

It remains one of Harrison's most popular songs. Recorded on July 7, 1969, the track appears on Abbey Road. It was performed live at The Concert for Bangladesh.

Harrison sang lead, while Lennon and McCartney provided backing vocals. It is acknowledged fact that all four Beatles did hand-claps for the bridge. Harrison and Lennon play acoustic guitar, McCartney bass, and Starr drums. Harrison also plays Moog synthesizer. This is the electronic sound that "spirals down" right before the first verse begins.

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